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In addition to our artistic and curatorial work at the LOFFT, we are also committed to the interests of independent performing artists in cultural politics at local, regional and national level, including in the Association of Independent Performing Arts in Saxony, in the umbrella organisation Federal Association of the Independent Performing Arts , Dachverband Tanz Deutschland and in Kreatives Leipzig. Representing the interests and needs of independent performing artists and cultural actors in Saxony with regard to cultural policy is another essential part of our support for artistic creation - at our institution, in Leipzig and the region.

Federal Association of the Independent Performing Arts

The Federal Association of the Independent Performing Arts (BFDK) is one of the two main pillars of the German theatre landscape. As the umbrella organisation of 16 regional associations and 4 affiliated associations, it represents the interests of more than 2,300 members at the national level. In total, the BFDK represents around 25,000 theatre and dance professionals in Germany. In doing so, it acts as a strong initiator of discourse, promotes professional exchange, offers qualification programmes for its members, informs the public and advises politics, administration and business with its expertise. The BFDK is also involved in numerous initiatives, associations and committees at national and international level. Anne-Cathrin Lessel, Managing Director and Artistic Director of LOFFT, is part of the Board of Directors, each having equal rights. In 2022, we will continue to actively advocate for independent performing arts and cultural professionals at the federal level.

Association of Independent Performing Art in Saxony

The LOFFT is one of the initiators and a founding member of the Landesverband der Freien Theater in Sachsen (Association of Independent Performing Arts in Saxony, LFTS), which was founded in 2007. This state association represents the interests of the independent performing arts in Saxony vis-à-vis the public, politics and administrative bodies. Its aim is to constantly improve and professionalise the framework conditions for artistic work in Saxony and to promote exchange within the independent dance and theatre scene. To this end, the association initiates and organises its own projects and events, which serve to mediate between, network and consolidate all actors within the state association. The LFTS is a member of the Federal Association of the Performing Arts and therefore has a voice at the federal level.

In doing so, the association acts as a strong initiator for transnational discourses, it promotes professional exchanges, offers qualification programmes for its members, informs the public and advises politics and administrative bodies with its expertise.

The LFTS is also involved in numerous initiatives and committees on a state-wide level, such as within the community representing the interests of all state cultural associations, the cultural and creative industries, etc.

In recent years, the LOFFT has been involved as an originator for guest performance funding at the state level, which was implemented by the Cultural Foundation of the Free State of Saxony in 2017.

Since 2020, the LOFFT's CEO Anne-Cathrin Lessel has been a board member of the association. In 2022, the LOFFT will continue to play a significant role in representing freelance dance and theatre professionals in cultural politics at the state level.

Kreatives Leipzig | Kreatives Sachsen

As the industry association of Leipzig's cultural and creative industries, Kreatives Leipzig e.V. has represented the interests of mainly solo self-employed people and micro and small enterprises within the industry since its foundation in 2010. LOFFT continues to see itself as Leipzig's incubator for cultural and creative industries in the performing arts sub-market. In this way, we would like to fulfil a client/customer role to freelance artists (as typical representatives of the cultural and creative industries) who work and perform at the LOFFT, as well as an intermediary/mediator role as a non-profit, publicly funded institution. Since 2014 we have been doing just this as industry ambassadors of Kreativen Leipzig e.V. for the performing arts.

LOFFT - DAS THEATER is present at important regional and national events relating to the creative industries. Key objectives are on the one hand the transfer of knowledge in both directions, and on the other, networking with the relevant organisations, representatives of business development and companies in the creative industries. This work will be continued in 2022 and our cooperation with the association Kreatives Sachsen, founded in 2017, will be intensified with regard to social issues around free production.