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LOFFT is constantly working on adding to and improving its accessibility. To do this, we rely on feedback. Please contact Laila Grümpel (sick leave cover) at or +49 (0)341 355 955 - 17.

Since March 2019, we can be found in Hall 7 on the grounds of the Spinnerei Leipzig.

Spinnereistraße 7 / Halle 7
D-04179 Leipzig


Public transport

Via Tram: Line 14 to Leipzig-Plagwitz.

Via Bus: Line 60 to Leipzig-Plagwitz (station) AND : Line 64 from Leipzig-Plagwitz to Niemeyerstraße.

Via S-Bahn: Line 1 to Leipzig-Plagwitz station (timetable: Get off at the terminus of the S-Bahn at Plagwitz station: Keep left, pass under the tracks, and turn left into Spinnereistraße. After 550 m turn left into Saarländer Straße and immediately left again into Hall 7. LOFFT - DAS THEATER is on the 3rd floor.
Tram: Line 8, 15 to Saarländer Straße (timetable: Follow Lützner Straße a few metres into the city and turn right into Saarländer Straße. After 500 m turn right into Saarländer Straße and immediately left again to Hall 7.

By car

Via BAB 9: Exit Leipzig West, drive on B181 approx. 5 km towards the centre. 200 m after the ARAL petrol station take a sharp right into Lützner Straße. After 1 km turn left into Saarländer Straße, after 250 m turn right into Saarländer Straße and immediately left again into the entrance to Hall 7.

Via BAB 14: Exit Zentrum/ Neue Messe. Take the B2 towards Zentrum, turn right onto Innenstadtring. After approx. 400 m, leave the ring road and turn half-right into Käthe-Kollwitz-Straße. Follow the road for approx. 4 km. Immediately after a railway subway turn left into Spinnereistraße, after 500 m turn left and immediately left again into the entrance to Hall 7.

Mobility impaired persons

  • Our new theatre location in Hall 7 is structurally barrier-free and accessible.
  • Hall 7 has a ramp in front of the building and a spacious lift.
  • Within the LOFFT, all rooms are accessible at ground level. The floor is made of a smooth material without unevenness.
  • All doors and passageways have a minimum width of 90cm.
  • All corridors have a minimum width of 150cm.
  • The checkout counter is lowered, allowing people who use wheelchairs to communicate independently with the staff on duty.
  • The theatre bar is also lowered. It has two heights:
  • High range: 120cm, lowered range: 99cm
  • Seating is available in the foyer at different heights.
  • A barrier-free toilet in the theatre foyer is free and accessible without a Eurokey. The toilet door opens outwards. The door opens and closes automatically.
  • Wheelchair spaces are provided in the event rooms as required. These are usually located in the first row. We kindly ask you to inform us of your requirements and, if necessary, any accompanying person or assistant when making your reservation or purchasing your ticket. (0341/355 955 10)
  • The doors to the event rooms are opened by the staff.
  • The parking area in front of Hall 7 is not yet structurally complete. There are stone chippings in front of Hall 7 and in front of the ramp. There is sufficient space for people with reduced mobility and wheelchair users to park and get in and out of the car.
  • In an emergency (e.g. fire alarm), it is possible to evacuate mobility-impaired persons via the passenger lift and a goods lift.

Blind and visually impaired persons

  • The theatre building is structurally barrier-free. There are no steps, uneven floors or thresholds within the building. Paths and passages are generally clear and unobstructed.
  • The LOFFT does not have a guidance and wayfinding system.
  • None of the areas (neither in front of nor in the theatre building) have clearly visible or tactile walkway boundaries.
  • The entrances to Hall 7 are accessible via stairs and a ramp. Stairs and a spacious lift lead to the floors.
  • Features of the lift: floor announcement and display available, handrail at 85cm height, controls at different heights, the controls in the lift are equipped with Braille.
  • Staircase features: The staircase is brightly lit and glare-free. The steps are marbled grey with a marking on the first and last step of each landing. There is a handrail on each side.
  • There are no revolving doors in the LOFFT. Glass doors are clearly marked.
  • In the theatre foyer there is flexible seating at different heights. As a rule, they are located on the left side of the room and directly against the wall on the right. Due to Corona measures, there is a single-band street system: In the left half of the room, the path leads into the foyer and to the ticket counter. In the right half of the room, the path leads out of the foyer and down via the lift. There are five columns in the centre of the large foyer. Within the room there is a wide, unobstructed passageway. The entrances to the performance spaces (hall and studio) lead off to the right. At the very front of the room on the right is the passage to the toilets.
  • The wall cannot be used as an orientation line.
  • The rooms are contrastingly labelled on the white walls.
  • A live audio description of selected events has been taking place since November 2019.
  • Assistance dogs are welcome.

Deaf and hearing impaired persons

  • There is an acoustic alarm (e.g. fire alarm) throughout the building, but no visually perceptible signal.
  • Sign language interpretation takes place at selected events.
  • None of the premises are permanently equipped with an induction system.
  • The lift in Hall 7 has signs indicating the occupancy of the floors as well as a floor display and announcement.
  • All premises are labelled in a contrasting and clearly visible manner.
  • There are no seating and lounge areas with lower ambient noise.
  • Nowhere are there lamps or other objects that interfere with field of vision or eye contact.


  • The website, programme booklet and flyers are partly available in simple language.
  • The LOFFT also hosts free events (for example showings and award ceremonies).
  • A retreat with lower ambient noise is not available.

Our events have different levels of accessibility. At each event we indicate accessibility with different icons.