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The LOFFT is a place where audience and art interact with each other, creating opportunities for encounter where dance, theatre and society can be considered away from the stage.

Analogue and digital spaces of interaction, where people can reflect, discuss and share experiences together. Between theory and practice, diverse needs can be addressed: the haptic, practical, discursive, the critical, the complicated and the easily accessible. In the form of talks, workshops, parties and explorations away from the theatre, we encourage independent discovery of the performing arts. Because theatre only becomes possible through the audience.

If you have any questions, please contact Laila Grümpel (sick leave cover) via email at or +49 (0)341 355 955 - 17.

We invite active participation via regular workshops, both production-related and unrelated. They deal with the content of certain productions encourage people to get moving, as well as teach languages of movement and other artistic methods.


Curious about what happens at LOFFT apart from performances? Rehearsal and house tours provide a glimpse into our theatre and its rehearsal operations.

Discussion groups, introductions, a series of online discussions, panels, readings and much more relate the LOFFT's artistic programme to current socio-political discourses.


Are you interested in regular and intensive engagement with the performing arts?

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Feel free to contact us to organise screening visits and/or to arrange individual offerings or accompaniments such as workshops, introductions or follow-up talks.

Registration + further information: