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Vocals that go to your heart, saxophone cuddle vibes and bass for the body - neither man nor woman, simply: THORD1S!

After bluesy sounds by Finn Ronsdorf in April and artful electro-pop by Léon The Singer in June, it continues in October with a bang and lots of glitter. The LOFFT concert series EMBRACE EMBRACE goes into the third round and embraces not so unknown visit from Hamburg: THORD1S.
Epochal vocals, saxophone cuddly vibes, booming bass and a beard: as a one-person band THORD1S layers, loops and mixes live to 80s sounds into the here and now, transcending gender and genre in a pulsating in-between. A queer-feminist rock'n'roll ride as a theatrical intervention in the hetero-cis-male-dominated music scene - fluid between pop and performance, grand gestures and finest nuances, shreds of shame and minirave. There is neither man nor woman. There is only THORD1S and a mullet!

The project of Thordis M. Meyer (they/them) emerged from the master course Performance Studies at the University of Hamburg. They is a performer of experimental scenic arts, musician and director. Thordis M. Meyer is already known to Leipzig audience as part of the LOFFT production YOU DON'T OWN ME by CHICKS* freies performancekollektiv in 2020. We are looking forward to welcoming Thordis again! 

A concert series by LOFFT - DAS THEATER. Funded by the City of Leipzig - Cultural Office and the Cultural Foundation of the Free State of Saxony. This measure is co-financed by tax funds on the basis of the budget passed by the Saxon State Parliament.

CURATED BY Maiko Miske
PHOTO G2 Baraniak



  • Regular: 15,— €
  • Reduced: 12,— €
  • Soli Price: 20,— €

Past dates

Friday, 20:00