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What happens while you wait for a connection? You listen to music or dance? You look around, feel the need to make contact with other passengers or are you trying to hide and impatiently waiting for the connection? Are you leaning on your suitcase? The tYhle group shares their travelling moments with you as they make their way to you.

SUITCASEBOARDING is a collection of pictures from travels. Situations that we all experience in different ways on our travels, each one a little differently. The environment and people around us change, but we have something in common, we usually share the same goal when traveling – we want to get somewhere. For us, the journey is not just about moving from one place to another, it is mainly about what happens during it. You know the cliched phrase “even the journey can be the destination”? There are many stops on the way that we must go through and at which we must usually wait before we can go further. We must wait, in a strange place, with strangers, with only our baggage, until circumstances let us go on. And when that happens, we rush to the next point. We stop at it and wait obediently again before we can continue further. We hurry so we can wait. We wait so we can hurry.

What happens while you wait? What do you do? Do you listen to music? Do you dance? Do you look around? Do you feel the need to make contact with other passengers? Or are you trying to hide and impatiently waiting for the connection? Are you leaning on your suitcase? Will you ride it past a stop, a bench, a departure board or other passengers? Or are you just trying to deal with an excess amount of unwieldy luggage? The desire to share these moments unites the members of our “suitcase troupe” who are now on their way to you.

tYhle is a collective of Czech and French artists based in the Czech Republic. It is a platform for performance, dance, physical theatre and visual arts founded by four young artists who share the same vision of the contemporary scene: their duty to experiment and break down barriers.


A workshop with the group tYhle will take place on 09.04.2024. Further information will follow shortly.



A production by tYhle and Ludmila Šindlerová in co-production with Tanec Praha, Studio ALTA, Cirqueon, Kasárna Karlín, Kredance. This project was supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic, the Capital City of Prague, the City of Brno, the State Cultural Fund and the Municipality of Prague 8.

  • Wheelchair Accessible
  • No speech

BY + WITH Felix Baumann, Sean Henderson, Lukáš Karásek, Eva Mora González
DRAMATURGY Sára Šimek Arnsteinová
MUSIC Lukáš Palán
STAGE DESIGN Hynek Petrželka
COSTUME Barbara Horáková Fehérová, Hynek Petrželka
THANKS TO Mikuláš Bartoň, Dušan Krucilák, Šárka Maršíková, Tereza Vohralíková, Nikola Brokešová, Florent Golfier, Eva Judová
PHOTO Vojtěch Brtnický


  • Regular: 16,— €
  • Redcued: 11,— €
  • Soli-Price: 20,— €
  • Leipzig-Pass: 8,— €


  • Wheelchair Accessible
  • No speech

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