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((( SONONAMI ))) (EN)

SLEEPOVER DRONE sonic meditation

12 hours of sonic meditation
Sononami’s dreaming. For a whole twelve hours, at LOFFT on the Spinnerei. In what is usually known as a haven for dance and theatre, this night the air vibrates with drone and ambient sounds.

The live sets range from the vibration of cosmic quartz shells to droning bass strings and rustling tapes. For friends of sustain and decay, resonance and meditation. The LOFFT foyer is transformed into a landscape of pillows and blankets, projections and sounds for travels behind closed eyelids. The glass-roof lets in the moonlight, and on clear nights you can watch the stars while lying on your back.

Droners! Bring sleeping bags, mats and blankets. The bar is open, breakfast* is provided for.

*Ticket prices including breakfast.
Information on admission + procedure + advice on preparation to follow.

A production of LOFFT - DAS THEATER in cooperation with Ungestalt. Sponsored by the City of Leipzig, Department of Culture. Based on an idea from the concert series Sononami.

SOUNDPERFORMANCE Diane Barbé (Berlin), Andreas Bonkowski (Window Magic, Berlin), Marek Brandt (triPhaze, Leipzig), Eldar Fano (The Dancing Plague, Leipzig), Alex Gat (Tel Aviv), Nina Pixel (Black Acid, Berlin), Pina Bettina Rücker (Kosmosklang, Leipzig) VISUALS Trash Puzzle (Berlin) CONZEPT+REALIZATION Monika Krajka, Ivo Zibulla FOTOS Anne Bonkowski

Past dates

Saturday, 20:00