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POWER TO US: Creative writing

Thị Thu Trang Nguyễn (Postmigrantische Störung)

Unfortunately, POWER TO US events cannot take place.

Update (07/19/2022):
Our intention with this project was to provide artistic workshops and events for youth who are marginalized due to (ascribed) race or religion. POWER TO US was to be created with initiatives whose members define themselves primarily as BIPoC, since we, as a majority white institution, could not carry out this project alone. Due to different points of view regarding content and organizational reasons, the project cannot be carried out at the current time in July in such a way that all project participants can stand behind it.
Furthermore, for reasons of transparency, we find it important to state that one of the people involved in the project felt discriminated against by the use of supposedly everyday terms. We would like to apologize for this and have taken up the feedback of the persons involved directly and want to realize a joint reappraisal.
The fact that this has happened shows how deeply anchored everyday forms of discrimination are in our structures and how important it is to constantly educate ourselves in this area. We continue to strive to break down barriers experienced by marginalized people and to critically reflect on ourselves as an institution.

We plan to postpone the events of the project to fall 2022.

Initial announcement:
Writing workshop - no previous experience necessary
Do you enjoy language? Would you like to go on a short biographical journey? Would you like to put your own perspective on paper? In the workshop we will write together without constraint.

The author Trang from Postmigrantische Störung will design the afternoon with and for you. Postmigrantische Störung (PMS) is a writing, reading, performing, exciting, calming, compassionate, disruptive collective of writers.

The workshop is for (post)migrant youth between the ages of 14 and 20.
Are you
...Person of Color, Black or Afrodiasporic?
...Of Jewish or Muslim faith?
...From a family with an international history? Then sign up!

Here you will find more POWER TO US workshops, talks, readings, parties and more.

The POWER TO US project is funded by the City of Leipzig and the LEIPZIGSTIFTUNG as part of the 2022 theme year "Leipzig - Freiraum für Bildung".

FROM + WITH Thị Thu Trang Nguyễn (Postmigrantische Störung)
PHOTO Postmigrantische Störung


Admission is free. | Registration required.

Past dates

Thursday, 15:00