For her first solo project, the Hamburg-based American artist Dani Brown invited a guest into her studio: the devil himself. Tempted by his infinite power of play, creation, and destruction she slips into a variety of figures, defining the limits of the „Solo“ form while presenting her very personal solo strategy. Together with her accomplice she drives a consistent chaos and transformationgame testing how far she can push her relationship with the audience, and how the boundaries of the symbolic ritual of theater can be reset.

HOW DO YOU IMAGINE THE DEVIL is a joyful play with identities, borders and the forbidden - the devil is our witness. (Melanie Zimmermann, dance dramaturge, Kampnagel)

CHOREOGRAPHY/DANCE/PERFORMANCE Dani Brown (F6) GUEST DIRECTOR Melina Seldes (F6) GUEST PERFORMER Gael Cleinow Sound COMPOSITION/VOICE COACH Alessio Castellacci (F6) LIVE SOUND PERFORMANCE Gael Cleinow LIGHT DESIGN Henning Eggers MANAGEMENT Lina Klingebeil PRODUCTION FINGERSIX, Kampnagel Internationale Kulturfabrik Hamburg, DanseFestival Barents 2013 (Hammerfest, NO).

Funded by Hamburgische Kulturstiftung. Kindly supported by K3 Tanzplan Hamburg, LePacifique Centre Choreographic (Grenoble, FR), Surviving Dance: Politics + Economics + Art, Garage 29 (Brüssel), TRYangle (Marseille, FR), ImpulsTanz Festival (Wien, AT).

THANKS You amazing people who kept pushing me, you know who you are! Thank you! All my love!

LOFFT hosts great entertainment for those who don’t speak German. The new International Friday presents shows between British sense of humour and Russian folklore, promising great amusement and high artistic level. Invited performers come from all over the world, but anyway Lingua franca of the evening will be English. A warm welcome to our international guests!

LOFFT, Saal - 26.04.2013 , 20:00 Uhr - PREISKATEGORIE G